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Yumi Zouma – EP III

Album: EP III

Artist: Yumi Zouma

Sub-Genres: #DreamPop, #IndieDream

Label: Cascine

Non-Airable Tracks: None


ZOOOOOEEEE MAMAMaA is what our alt, director Michael Jepson thought of when he saw the band name, and it what I thought of when I heard the music. I GUARANTEE this is the best band you had never heard of (or maybe you have and are very cool). Yumi Zouma is from New Zealand which is where the best music comes from. They moved away from each other due to an earthquake and sent music files through email and that is how they wrote their songs! Their newest release EP III, is INCREDIBLE, so nice, so dreamy like an upbeat Beach House or Slyvan Esso. My favorite song is In Camera, it is upbeat, dancy, has a bit of an 80’s vibe and the vocals are light and dreamy. Plus the visuals for this band are just so nice like Greece meets watercolor love.

Finding them sent me through a whirlpool of their music, they have been putting out music since 2016 and it’s all VERY GOOD. Their past LP, Willowbank, has some jamz like Depths (Pt. 1) and Persephone if you are left wanting more from this EP.

Sounds Like: Pop Beach House, Slyvan Esso

Recommended Tracks: all of them are incredible!!!

Reviewed by: Javi Perez

Date: Oct 31, 2018

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