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X - Movie Review

Produced by Ti West, Jacob Jaffke, Harrison Kreiss, Kevin Turen

Distribution Company: A24

Streaming Service: Currently showing in theaters, available for $19.99 on YouTube, Google Play Movies, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: March 18, 2022

Rating: R

Description: I would give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was certainly one of the best-made and most enjoyable horror movies I've seen in recent years. As a slasher film, it tastefully keeps from crossing the line from the perfect amount of gore to overdone gore for shock-value. All the bloody moments feel rewarding after built up tension, and it's obvious how much care was taken to make things look real. The plot of the film involves a group of actors setting out to make an independent porn film, and the director handles the sex scenes as well as he handles the violence. This well-acted film will hook you from start to finish, and the ending will leave you satisfied. A movie that is equal parts fun and fearful with bright and beautiful visuals, X is definitely worth the watch.

Reviewer Name: Skylar Markovich

Date of Review: 4/18/22

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