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Why I Won't Shut Up About Chainsaw Man


Streaming Service:Crunchyroll

Release Date:(10/11/2022)


Reviewer Name: Kyla McDole

Date of Review: (11/03/2022)

Chainsaw Man is my favorite show at the moment. No, I'm dead serious right now. It's taking over every aspect of my life and I'm glad.

I first read Chainsaw Man about a year ago and I really enjoyed it. I finished the entire manga in about 2 months and thought it was amazing. The concept, the characters, the fights honestly most of the elements of the manga I really liked. I never got super into it like I do with most media I consume but, never thought much about it.

Then the announcement of an anime came out. I specially remember how excited I was when I saw the animation for the first time. This announcment came out about one year before the first episode and it felt like forever. The hype started to grow as more people found out about it and more trailers came out. The more the hype grew the more people started to dive into the insane writing of Tatsuki Fujimoto. His violence, character and outright weirdness of storytelling drew more and more people in (very reminiscent of Junji Ito). Finally it was time for the premiere of the first episode.

The first episode was a true masterpiece. This was solidified by the record breaking most-viewed anime opening of Fall 2022. The animation, the voice acting, the fight scenes (oh god the fight scenes) and the theme song; everything about the first episode was amazing.

If you don't know Chainsaw Man is about a 16 year old boy who lives in a world infected by Devils who try to kill anything and everything. Denji owes massive amounts of debt to the Yakuza and is living with his chainsaw devil dog Pochita to earn his freedom back by fighting devils. Things take a turn though when (SPOLIER ALERT) Denji fuses with Pochita after dying to turn into a half devil and half human Chainsaw Man.

The first episode perfectly encapsulates the same hype as the manga has, if not better. The animation is so crisp and the fight scences play out like cutting butter. And the gore, oh god the gore. I normally am not the biggest fan on gore but, Chainsaw Man makes it so satisfying and compelling to keep watching. I would just watch this show for the animation alone but there are so many more reasons to love it. For example, the theme song. No words needed, this is one of the best anime openings I have ever listened to. It has this unmatched energy like a Jojo's Bizzare Adventure opening and I often listen to it walking around campus. Heck, I like it so much I played it during my show a couple weeks back.

Next is the composition of the episodes so far. As I am writing this only 3 episodes have been released to the public, but out of those 3 episodes they have all been such a blast to watch! They are funny, full of action and keep the audience engaged the time. I would highly recommend this show to anyone but be warned the gore is pretty intense.

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