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Welcome Back, Melanie Martinez! ☆ "DEATH" review

I'm back from the dead, back from the dead

Album: Portals

Artist: Melanie Martinez

Sub-Genres: #HyperPop #EDM

Label: Atlantic

Description: In anticipation for Melanie Martinez's newest album, Portals, it wasn't even a question to review her first single in nearly three years. "DEATH," is a Melanie Martinez song if I've ever heard one (and I've been a dedicated fan since Cry Baby). It isn't too extreme of a departure from her Cry Baby and K-12 musical eras, yet provides something new and fresh. With its gothic lyrics and beautiful melody, "DEATH" has set an exciting tone for her upcoming album. I feel like the song has enough edge to appeal to diehard fans and the alt-music community, as well as mainstream listeners. It has been eight years since Cry Baby was released and Portals is a seemingly more mature project for the singer-songwriter. "DEATH," is a nostalgic yet contemporary Martinez song. Her delicate voice and the haunting background sounds support the track well. The gentle guitar takes me back to the "Training Wheels"-era of her music, while the background sounds add an unexpected yet welcome edge to the song. This song is the lead single off of Portals, and it has successfully left me eagerly anticipating its March 31 release.

Sounds Like:

  1. Grimes

  2. Poppy

  3. Allie X

  4. Jazmin Bean

Reviewer’s Name: Sophia Troetel

Date of Review: March 20, 2023

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