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Weed Garden By Iron and Wine

Iron & Wine’s latest six song EP starts out sounding as peaceful as a Jack Johnson song married with hints of Death Cab for Cutie and then the opening track – What Hurts the Most – gradually builds into an impossible to ignore – catchy summer ballad-sounding rhythm.

End of track three, Last of your Rock ’n’ Roll Heroes – sounds and feels as catchy as those summertime hits of yesteryears before poetically fading out.  Just like a memory flowing in and out of your mind.

The final track, Talking to Fog – starts out with the captivating lyrics: “This is our surrendering to the…garden of weeds.” In the vocal-inflection of the singer and the rhythm that backs it can be heard faint notes of Deaf Cab for Cutie’s more confessional tracks (ex. “I Will Follow You into The Dark”).  

Overall it is a very decent six song EP that can ease anyone into even a brief period of quiet relaxation time, but I would follow it up with either the auto play feature on Spotify or Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism album.



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