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We Fell in Love in October Sampler-Girl in Red Review

Album: We Fell in Love in October (Sampler)

Artist: Girl in Red

Genre: #World and #Jazz, #Alt

Label: Marie Ulven (Self-Released)

Non-Airable Tracks: Summer Depression, I Need to Be Alone

Description: This sample is a collection of singles and songs from upcoming EPs by Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven, aka Girl in Red. This is an absolutely lovely album, perfect for a sunny autumn day. The instrumentation is comprised mostly of guitar, bass, and drums, creating a beautifully straightforward sound. Ulven’s voice is very expressive; you can tell she is passionate about the words she is singing. Occasional background harmonies flesh out the vocal tracks and give the songs depth and ambiance. The one drawback of her voice is the range; she seems to stay within a relatively small range of notes in her songs. However, this could just be a stylistic choice, and even if it truly is due to a lack of range, it is clear that her voice has loads of potential and I have no doubt that she will grow and improve throughout her career.

I found myself drawn to the lyrics of these songs. She discusses topics such as relationships, depression, and beautiful women-subject matter very typical of angsty indie music-but she does so in a way that is honest and well-worded without sounding pretentious. “Summer Depression” was especially poignant in its spot-on description of the sadness and apathy that can accompany empty summer days.

If you are a fan of calming, pretty music, relatable lyrics, and/or lgbtq artists, I would strongly recommend giving Girl in Red’s work a listen. She is a very talented woman who I am excited to hear more from.

Sounds Like: Dodie, King Princess 

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

  2. Summer Depression

  3. We Fell in Love in October

Reviewer’s Name: Ruby Fulford

Date of Review: 


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