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Wand-Laughing Matter

Album: Laughing Matter

Artist: Wand

Genre: #Alt

Label: Drag City

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


This album pleasantly surprised me. The vocals were reminiscent of Paul McCartney, and the overall sound had a chill 1960s Beatles vibe. I preferred songs with an emphasis on the vocals like “Rio Grande” and “Walkie Talkie.” The guitar solo in “Rio Grande” is really something to note, you can feel the electricity of the guitar feedback going through your body. There is nice experimentation on the album with different sorts of instruments and tech-sounds which is admirable. The album brings nice surprises and diversity with female vocals on “Airplane”; a soft, indie rock female voice over trippy guitar. The album is definitely more chill-psych than hard-rock and is good music to have on a chill night getting introspective or with close friends. It is an interesting, and dare I say successful, take on The Beatle’s vocal harmonies with a modern, edgy twist. The album art is also very interesting and led me to believe the music would be darker than it actually was.

Sounds Like: Meatbodies, Fuzzm art is also 

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Walkie Talkie

  2. Rio Grande

Reviewer’s Name: Caroline Eimer

Date of Review: 04/21/2019

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