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"Walkers Beware! We Drive into the Sun / Stab-Slow" by Sweet Trip

Single names: "Walkers Beware! We Drive into the Sun" and "Slab-Slow"

Artist: Sweet Trip

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

Description: This double single released on January 15th, 2021 by the band Sweet Trip is something that lovers of dream pop/shoegaze style music should be paying attention to. Sweet Trip, a group who has been releasing music since the 90's, have released this double single after a brief hiatus, proving they still got it. Their music style has been really unique, pushing the boundaries of dream pop/shoegaze style music by including electronic sounds that you would hear on an Aphex Twin record. These two singles here expand upon their more dream pop sounding material which is reminiscent of third album "You Will Never Know Why", which is a record I highly recommend for fans of this genre. If you are into dream pop/shoegaze style music, you need to check out Sweet Trip if you haven't already, I would additionally recommend their album "Velocity:Design:Comfort" if you haven't already heard it. Don't sleep on these guys!!

Sounds Like:

1. Slowdive

2. Galaxie 500

3. Aphex Twin

Recommended Tracks:

1. Walkers Beware! We Drive into the Sun

2. Stab-Slow

Reviewer’s Name: Carson Hayes

Date of Review: January 29th, 2021

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