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Walk On The Moon Album Review

Album: Walk On The Moon

Artist: Luke Mitrani

Genre: Folk

Sub-Genres: Soft rock, Acoustic, Hints of soul

Label: Self-Released

Non-Airable Tracks: 6


So I just want to take a quick second of your time, Kamp blog reader. I need to talk about this artist backstory which basically puts my whole life to shame. Luke Mitrani, before becoming a musician started as a professional snowboarder. He was planning on competing in the 2014 US Winter Olympics however he had a terrible injury during training. Now he is pursuing music and has released his album Walk on the Moon. I mean that songs straight out of a movie and I love it. I have so much respect for people who continue to follow their dream in life, like Mitrani, and quite honestly find it inspiring.

This album starts off with two very indie, somewhat similar, songs. You are almost immediately met with the signature “shaky” indie vocal and heavy acoustic guitar. The album gives off heavy Vance Joy and Jack Johnson vibes. Because of this, I was under the impression that the whole album was going to follow that lead. However, I was wrong. This album really surprised me with the amount of subtle diversity included. There were clear hints of hip hop, 70s psychedelic vibes and especially folk. Though I would easily classify this album as alternative. If you have ever hoped that Jack Johnson put out an album that dabbled in a little bit of everything, I think this is the album for you. I think the key takeaways that make this album original and gave it personality were the several instrumental solos. While every song has its differences, the solos were captivating and figured out who this artist is. Which I am sure he gets quite frequently.

One of my favorite tracks was track 8, “Own Show”. This song has strong hints of Mexican culture which was actually executed very well. There was also an un-named female vocalist on the track that sounded scary similar to Dua Lipa which brought a unique perspective to the song.

I would give this album a 6/10

Life story 10/10

Sounds Like: Jack Johnson, Little Stranger, Easy Giant

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Own Show (4:38)

  2. Monsters (4:15)

Reviewers Name: Aubrie Buechting

Date of Review: September 15th

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