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Two Door Cinema Club-False Alarm Review

Album: False Alarm

Artist: Two Door Cinema Club

Genre: #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #IndiePop, #poprock

Label: Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

Non-Airable Tracks: None

Description: False Alarm is one of those wonderful albums that is just undeniably fun to listen to the whole way through. It’s poppy and dance-able, but with interesting lyrics and musical twists and turns that make it unique, standing out among more generic indie pop contemporaries. The album makes excellent use of synth and electronics, blending a variety of tones and effects from soft ambient chords to sharp riffs to pretty chime-like noises. The electronics are mixed with distorted guitars and thumping bass, creating an album with layers and depth. I think the wide range of sounds used on this record is one of my favorite things about it–there’s even a sampling of birdsong at the beginning of “Break”. I also liked how the vocals switch tones, sometimes quite suddenly, from cleaner lower and mid-range vocals to lofty falsetto. Vocal distortion was used well, most notable on “Think” and “Dirty Air”. I was surprised by the Open Mike Eagle feature on “Nice To See You”; it’s rare to hear a rap cameo on an indie-pop record.  It admittedly felt a bit out of place, seeing as there aren’t really any other hip-hop elements on False Alarm, but I still appreciated the unexpected addition to the song.

Another element of the album that surprised me was the ending. The last song cuts off abruptly, right in the middle of a phrase, with no resolution whatsoever. The first time I heard it I checked Spotify multiple times to be sure I hadn’t accidentally played the album on shuffle or unintentionally skipped part of the song. I was almost frustrated at first, as the closing track “Already Gone” had been one of my favorites and I was disappointed to be left without a satisfying ending. However, after coming to terms with the lack of closure, I feel that this ending was a very interesting and bold decision. The sudden stop provides a definite end point that demands the listeners’ attention and leaves them wanting more. I’ve never heard an album that ends like this before and I certainly think it was a worthwhile creative risk.

Overall, Two Door Cinema Club’s False Alarm is intriguing and loads of fun, perfect for a sunny weekend day or for times when you need some tunes that will put you in a good mood.

Sounds Like: Passion Pit, Bombay Bicycle Club, Phoenix

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Talk

  2. Think

  3. Dirty Air

  4. Already Gone

Reviewer’s Name: Ruby Fulford

Date of Review: 10/18/19

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