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Tuscon's Local Voices: Merge

Album: Wimbledon

Artist: Merge

Genre: #rock #alt

Sub-Genres: #indie

Label: Walrus Society Records

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


​If you have been looking to enrich your knowledge in Tuscon's young and local music scene, look no further than the band Merge. Having been privileged enough to see the band's frontman at a local open mic night, there is no doubt that the band members are yearning to put their work out for the public and to have their voices be heard. In their first studio album, titled Wimdbledon, the band comes together to create fun and catchy rock songs that are reminiscent of the electrifying guitar riffs of Peach Pit with vocal stylings similar to that of Hozier. The fist song off the album, entitled 'Wonderful' is simply a crowd pleaser. It is easy to digest while having clear vocals with fluttery and light guitar chords. The song 'Catherine' showcases the band's guitarist with a zany guitar solo that will sure to have the listener tapping their feet and craving to hear more. While the work as a whole only consists of five songs it is definitely a strong indicator of the bands potential to experiment with instramentals and song lyrics at the young age of 18. Overall, if you are looking for incredible guitar and bass riffs while being consumed by the overall free spiritedness of youth, give Merge a good listen and support your local artists as they are the future of music and have passion that is brimming out of each track.

Sounds Like:

  1. Illiterate Light

  2. Hozier

  3. Peach Pit

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Wonderful

  2. Taken

Reviewer’s Name: Peyton Riegel

Date of Review: 1/28/21


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