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This is "No Alarms" Interview

Watch the interview here!

No Alarms have pushed the boundaries of how performing music should be. Joined by Andrew and his bandmate Jordan, they come from different musical backgrounds. Started as a solo passion project in Texas, the band is Detroit-based. Andrew is the glue that keeps No Alarms together. At one point, there were 5 members. Currently, there are three members (Andrew, Jordan, and Jack). Andrew and Jordan have stated they still keep in touch with previous members.

Musicians get excited whenever a fan shows them a merch they own. Andrew and Jordan were impressed that I own a vinyl record of their EP “Deja View”. The cover art of “Deja View” is an astronaut and this captures the exploration of music that No Alarms were aiming for. Their album concept is about going through a leap of faith and finding joy in The Landing (The Landing is one of their songs in the EP). This is similar to how we should take risks to go after our dreams and goals.

During the interview, Andrew and Jordan shared their views on music. In Andrew’s perspective, “There’s no road map on how to do this and that (in reference to breaking into the music industry)” and mentions to always focus on why you make music. As for Jordan, he says “listening to the song and playing together (as a band)” is the key part to building chemistry amongst band members.

The lack of live music is the one thing that Andrew and Jordan miss the most. COVID-19 affected the music industry especially concerts, festivals, and tours. However, No Alarms have no plans to stop soon and they continue to work together despite living in different places.

Interview Date: 03/22/2021

Interviewer's Name: Cielo Perez

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