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The Ultimate Fairy Girl Album: Dendrite by Antihoney

Don't like my yapping? Skip to the end to get my straight review.

I don't know about you, but I really stress about the music I pick to be the background music on my Instagram posts. I really feel like it can make or break the entire vibe of the post. I need something so specific but catchy so everyone will think that I'm so cool and mysterious with epic music taste. I have a set of songs in my mind for certain emotions I want to convey, sometimes it can get repetitive, so I consult the wonderous suggested tab on Instagram music. Within this illustrious tab I stumbled upon Antihoney and her song Dove more specifically Dove (doll ver.) This song was so beautifully whimsical and elegant, it reminded me of the first opening to Vampire Knight. It was beautifully tragic but graceful in that tragedy.

This prompted me to look more into the artist. I really loved this initial song which was great for me because this song has 3 versions! The doll version, the demo version, and the complete version, which is on Dendrite, the topic of this review.

Dendrite was an album released on October 30, 2019. It is a 1 hour and 1 minute album consisting of 12 songs. The album basically tells a story about a girl struggling to decern what is real and what is a dream. It has airy vocals, dramatic sweeping orchestras, distant and distorted guitars, and gorgeous story telling. I instantly fell in love with this album. I think I listened to it start to finish at least twice a day for like a week. It is really hard to pick a single favorite off of the album, so I'll give you my top 3.

3.) Dove

This is kind of biased because this was the first song I have ever heard from them. This one has a lot of those Vampire Knight elements I mentioned before. It has gorgeous vocals and haunting strings backing. It is my second favorite of the 3 available versions. It is the most cohesive in its sound.

*Note: The demo version is my favorite because it is the most diverse in its sound

I also love how it is a 5:36 long song. It is the longest of the 3 versions, so it has the most evolution in terms of sound development.

2.) All Stars Fade Away

I love this song because I visualize it as big explosions of pigment swirling around like watercolor in a glass. It has deep base booms coupled with long semi reversed strings. Once again, her beautiful ghostly voice caps the music. It almost sounds like she has tears running down her face during this song - not like in a sad way but in an overwhelmingly emotional way. It's another long song clocking in at 4:46 so that is plenty of time to brush your long hair from your tower window as the wind sings you a song.

1.) Stars On My Window

This is my absolutely favorite song in her entire discography. It has deep base booms interlaced with bubbly beeps and bloops that ring throughout with a quivering violin in the background. I also think her vocals really shine in this song. I know I praised her for her gimmick of sounding almost as if she is crying in a lot of her songs but here it's her pure straight vocals. It has minor reverb on it but you can hear her perfectly clear in this track.

I give this album a 9.5 out of 10. I think it has perfect cohesion, a really great song order, beautiful experimental theming, and makes me feel like a whimsical fairy princess. It only gets a half point off because the final song Sorry I'm Leaving Now is completely out of left field in terms of sound. It's basically a classic EDM track tacked onto a dark ambient album which I find strange because the demo version of that song would have fit better more thematically but even if it was the demo version, it would not have matched nor added much to the story told within the album.

Regardless I really enjoy this album. I really love Antihoney too. I was hoping to be able to follow her music but, it seems that she is no longer with us.

This is unconfirmed but, based off of her last upload on YouTube, it seems to check out.


Album: Dendrite

Artist: Antihoney

Label: Self published (Antihoney)

Sounds Like

1.      Lalleshwari

2.      Modern Bjork

3.      Early Grimes

Score: 9.5/10

·         Only got points for out of left field final song

Recommended Tracks

1.      Stars On My Window

2.      All Stars Fade Away

3.      Dove



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