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"The Story So Far" at The Marquee (Tempe AZ) on 5/6/22 | Photo Gallery

Show Lineup: The Story So Far

Venue: The Marquee (Tempe AZ)

Date: 5/6/2022

Pop punk's beloved "The Story So Far" stopped in Tempe on Friday, May 6th, for their 2022 tour with supporting artists, "Joyce Manor", "Microwave", and "Mom Jeans.". "The Story So Far" is a five-piece band from Walnut Creek, CA, who started playing together when they were just in high school. They consist of Parker Cannon (vocals), Kevin Geyer (lead guitar, backing vocals), Kelen Capener (lead bass), Will Levy (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Ryan Torf (drums, keys). This tour was highly anticipated not only because of the great lineup, but because this was the band's first full-length American headlining tour since 2019. This was my first time shooting for any band, and I had a great time. I have been listening to TSSF since I was in middle school so this was a surreal moment for me. Their performance was great and the crowd was high-energy. Everyone was excited to be there. TSSF opened with their 2013 hit,"Clairvoyant", and continued playing songs from four of their studio albums. They played songs"Upside Down","Light Year","Proper Dose", and eventually ending their set with"Quicksand" off of their 2011 album,"Under Soil and Dirt". My personal favorite that I did not think they were going to play was "Solo" off of their self-titled album that came out in 2015. This experience meant a lot to me and I am thankful to the band and their team!

Reviewer Name: Jenna Casares



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