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The Slow Rush: The B Sides have arrived.

Album: The Slow Rush B Sides & Remixes

Artist: Tame Impala

Label: Island Records Australia

Non-Airable Tracks: Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)

Description:As an avid Tame Impala fan, the slow drop of each track on this "mini album" was a long, near excruciating process to watch. Nevertheless, the arrival of the final product is nothing short of another Kevin Parker classic. The B Side tracks, which include The Boat I Row, One More Year and Patience act as much more of a middle child between its predecessor album Currents and TSR. All three encapsulate the ethereal, dreamlike sound of Currents with the groovy, get-on-your-feet upbeat tracks we are introduced to in TSR.

The most popular remix on the album, Breathe Deeper featuring rapper Lil Yachty, is a collaboration many fans, myself included, never would have anticipated. The product, unknown at the time, provides a preview into the new direction Tame Impala is actively pursuing. Met with mixed reviews, I personally can't wait to see more collaboration and production with a mix of talents in the industry.

Sounds Like:

  1. Beach House

  2. Mac DeMarco

  3. LANY

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​THE BOAT I ROW (!!!)

  2. Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)

  3. No Choice

Reviewer’s Name: Christina Wise

Date of Review: April 27, 2022

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