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"The Interview" with Babe Club

Zoom Link Interview:

*Interview Starts at 01:54

Pictured: Megan (left), Jenna (middle), and Corey (right)

Jenna and Corey are such a lovely couple to talk to! The way they looked at each other throughout the interview, I was intrigued. Their chemistry as a couple translates into the music they make together.

Their album cover, Remember this Feeling, is the Ecstacy of St. Theresa. Jenna described the image as a mix between light and darkness. The more you look at their album cover, the more intrigued you get. The album cover art is by Howie Wonder. The significance of St. Theresa is seen in their music video, “Together”, where two nuns were depicted in a friendship having a good time.

Jenna’s music background was a journey for her. She grew up playing classical piano and clarinet but stopped as she got into science. As she went off to college, she found music again and began to love songwriting. She found herself in practice rooms playing the piano and became comfortable with it. She had a class with Corey and at that time, they played for other bands. On the other hand, Corey played guitar in his early years. In college, he was studying classical piano; this was also when he developed tennis and golfer’s elbow since he practiced piano so much. He got back to playing guitar and felt no pain onwards.

Corey taught Jenna how to play the guitar when she tried out for Susto. Susto was when Jenna and Corey finally became band members. In 2018 after their European tour, they figured that they should start a band and venture out doing their own music. Babe Club’s third member, Megan joined a year after their band formed. Currently, she’s in Atlanta residing during this pandemic. Corey and Jenna plan on moving to Atlanta soon.

You could say Jenna’s confidence has grown this past few years. Honing her playing and songwriting craft helps her appreciate who she is. Corey’s a great example of an intelligent musician who never runs out of ideas to write or play about. After the interview, we pretty much talked about other music-related topics. As a thank you for interviewing them, they’re sending me a signed vinyl record of their EP! Babe Club plans on releasing new songs every few weeks this year.

Babe Club's Remember this Feeling EP, depicting the Ecstacy of St. Theresa

Interviewer's Name: Cielo Perez

Date of Interview: 02/01/2021

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