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That Night I Was a Wlfgrl: Listening to Machine Girl LIVE at Club Congress in Tucson, Arizona

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Opener: LustSickPuppy

Headliner: Machine Girl

I did not originally know what I was gonna do for my birthday this year. I was turning 20 and I felt like I should do something special, but not super outrageous. Maybe I would go to dinner with friends or by myself, go home, and watch a movie. Then, all of a sudden someone mentioned that they were giving away their Machine Girl ticket for the concert that night. Being me, I was definitely not gonna not take that ticket.

So there I am later on, having the time of my life. I had been waiting in line with people I had met from KAMP student radio and talking, eager to get inside. The opener was on right as I got in. They were some performer named LustSickPuppy (LSP). I had no clue who they were, but they were absolutely awesome and lots of fun. LSP brought a lot of insane energy to the venue. I could barely see them amidst all the little bouncing alt kids. The music was great too. It consisted of a lot of raging, glitchy sounds coupled with abrasive lyrics. There was some interaction between LSP and the audience, which was fun. They even jumped into the crowd and began to walk through. Once they were done, there was a long pause. I made sure to recuperate after the absolute crush-fest and check on other people that I had gone in with.

The long pause came to an end soon enough and there they were. Machine Girl stepped out on stage and the crowd went wild. They did a little introduction and then began their set. It was electric from the moment it started. Harsh drum and bass filled the room as a barrage of psychotic and almost unintelligible lyrics swept over the crowd like a wave. At this point, I had been too scared to jump in the pit, but something came over me and I jumped in anyway. The people smothered my body like the music smothered my ears and brain. It was amazeballs. It had never felt so good to be that sweaty and that smushed before. There was intense noise everywhere, but it was fun and vital. This was like a high I never wanted to come down from. A moment I'd like to highlight as well was when the lead singer grabbed me and pulled me in and was singing to me right in my face. Super cool of him to do that. (He might've got me sick though.)

Sounds like:


Sweet Trip


Written by: Carlos Montes

Publishing date: 12/19/22

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