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Sure Sure Delivers the Serotonin

Single: Peaceful In My Mind

Artist: Sure Sure

Label: Sure Sure

After taking a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sure Sure is finally back with a new single and the promise of an album on the horizon. The song, “Peaceful In My Mind,” replicates vibes familiar to the group, which now features the original three. Chris, Kevin, and Charlie have revitalized their exceptional ability to both calm and satiate the listener. The band’s trajectory, when they left us hanging nearly two years ago, was signaling that they had moved on from chill bedroom indie pop, and instead begun to favor a funk-pop revival. Their last major hit, “Funky Galileo,” seems to highlight this sentiment. Although that song was fantastic, “Peaceful In My Mind,” returns to the band’s origins, replicating the tone and feel of previous tracks like “Okinawa,” “Foreign Room,” and, “The Caller.” Regardless of their sound, however, the listener can remain at peace (in their mind). The L.A. trio has gained the approval of their rapidly growing audience with every release, this single proving such praise. If you want all the good vibes, go check out “Peaceful In My Mind,” and keep an eye out for the upcoming album.

Sounds Like:

1. Hippo Campus

2. Young The Giant

3. Fruit Bats

4. Mt. Joy

Reviewer’s Name: Hayden Tillinger

Date of Review: 24 November 2021

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