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Its AM Airwaves for The Lumineers

Single: A.M. RADIO

Artist: The Lumineers

Label: Dualtone Music Group

The Lumineers have finally reemerged with new music. The famed indie-folk rock group out of Denver, Colorado, has blasted back onto the scene with a trio of singles. The latest release, “A.M. RADIO,” feels like what other songs aspire to be. The song is complete, start to finish, with a crowd-pleasing chorus, a slow musical build, and thoughtful lyrics. “A.M. RADIO,” is the type of song you play, full blast, as you cruise down the highway with your windows down on a crisp fall evening, shouting along through it all.

Coupled with the other singles—"BRIGHTSIDE” and “BIG SHOT”—the listener is left with a unique hopefulness that was somewhat lost on “III” (the last album from The Lumineers). Where that album was a concept-driven narrative about true internal and interpersonal struggles, these singles have indicated a turn to more inspirational and optimistic experiences.

Whichever of the Lumineers’ albums you favor, the upcoming is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites still carry the mystifying ability to connect catchy musical elements with humanly real and wisdom-packed lyrics. Go check out, “A.M. RADIO,” and anticipate the full album’s release on January 14th, 2022.

Sounds Like:

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3. Vance Joy

4. Caamp

Reviewer’s Name: Hayden Tillinger

Date of Review: 24 November 2021



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