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Steps ft. Mick Jenkins – Single by Zac Flewids

Album: Steps – Single

Artist: Zac Flewids

Genre: #HipHop

Sub-Genres: #Rap ; #TripHop

Label: Zac Flewids / Burgundy Soul

Non-Airable Tracks: Steps

I talked about Mick Jenkins last year, and honestly I can’t stop talking about the man. In fact, one of my first reviews of last year on the new blog was back in September; “Elephant in the Room” was the track which preceded Pieces of a Man, and I think it is safe to say a lot has been already addressed within the fraction of time that has built this new year. So needless to say when I saw a new feature from the Chi-Town native, I had to peep. Among the mass amounts of records that were released this last month, “Steps” paints the picture of another emcee from Vancouver – Zac Flewids – taking the right steps whilst abiding by the process of taking it “…one step at a time.”

“I gotta switch up my mindset / I don’t got nothing but time, bet…”, spits the young rapper from Canada, undeniably reminiscing on the good and bad that has led him to the position he finds himself in. Throughout the entirety of the track Flewids describes the nature of his battle with addiction to pills, faltering under stress, and finding time to practice being one’s best self, in the form of mass barrages of witty lyricism backed by his production style evoking more darker vibes to complement. From one verse to the next, Zac Flewids raps about where he’s from, where he is, and where he’s going with a solid flow that barters with Mick Jenkins’ chorus play in between, offering a clean switch up from the quick-to-fire fluidity of Flewids and catchy rhythmic bars of Mick Jenkins. “With my two step / I take one step at a time” they both rap in the groovy chorus that might just get one singing along through the rest. I hope we get to see more of these features by Mick Jenkins, and of course more of Zac Flewids as well. With two albums, a wide array of singles, and a few EPs under his belt, a feature from Mick Jenkins among his track work means that the emcee under review may now just be under everyone’s radar.

Sounds Like: Moka Only, Mick Jenkins

Reviewer’s Name: Maximilian Serventi

Date of Review: 2/9/19

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