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Starcrawler – Devour You Review

Album: Devour You

Artist: Starcrawler

Genre: #Alt

Sub-Genres: #Punk, #GlamRock

Label: Rough Trade Records

Non-Airable Tracks: Tank Top

Description: Starcrawler is a good time. Scratch that, they are a great time. “Devour You” packs a punch with a sound and energy you just don’t hear anymore. Their influence is unapologetically 70s. Elements of glam-rock are present, with a track like “No More Pennies” sounding right at home in rotation with bands like the New York Dolls and Sweet. Their early punk rock influence stands tall, and is especially notable on “Toy Teenager”. “Bet My Brains” is carried by a crunchy, fuzz heavy riff that is uniquely Starcrawler. This album is a mild departure from their first self-titled album, instead representing a more mature, developed sound.

If you are a fan of fun, high energy rock n’ roll, give this album a spin.

You won’t regret it.

Sounds Like: The Runaways

Recommended Tracks: Lizzy, Home Alone

Reviewer’s Name: Alex Sciortino Date of Review: 10/18/19



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