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Show Lineup: Vans, d4vd, SZA

Genre(s): R&B/Soul

Venue: Footprint Center

Date: October 29, 2023 Although my seats for this show were definitely in the nosebleeds, SZA did not disappoint. My sister and I had been looking forward to this concert for months, and we were so excited to drive up to Phoenix for her show.

SZA's niece Vans opened first, and her music was pretty good but not the best opener I have ever experienced. It was a little hard to understand what she was saying in her songs and her performance wasn't extremely engaging, but nonetheless, she did very good. My favorite part of her set was when SZA came on with her and did a duet. I am excited for her to release her own music, as I think she has a lot of potential.

D4vd was SZA's main opener, and his set was amazing. Some of his songs are popular on TikTok, such as Romantic Homicide and Here With Me. He was a great performer and his set was very engaging. I will definitely be listening to more of his music and I am excited for him to release new stuff.

Now for the long awaited review of SZA... I have no words. My only complaint is that everything was super loud, and the microphone was turned up so much to the point where her voice was a little muffled, but over all still such an amazing show. She played some of my favorite songs: Normal Girl, Nobody Gets Me, and Snooze. The show I went to was considered the Halloween show, and she did not disappoint with her multiple Halloween costumes. She had a bunch of different props on stage, and even went on a lift while she performed Nobody Gets Me and a few other songs.

Also, Footprint Center is an amazing venue. They have a huge bar, a whole food court upstairs, and it seemed very spacious and I never felt like people were on top of each other. If an artist you like is playing there soon, I definitely recommend going.

If you get a chance to see SZA, GO. She is an amazing performer, keeps the crowd engaged by talking in between songs, and even pulls people backstage after the show. Also, you can't tell me you don't love a single SZA song.

Reviewer Name: Alison Randall

Date of Review: November 20, 2023

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