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SOS Is the Perfect Album To End The Year.

Album: SOS

Artist: SZA

Genre: #R&B (remember to use hashtags, ex. #HipHop, #IndiePop)

Sub-Genres: #HipHop #Pop

Label: Top Dawg Entertainment

Non-Airable Tracks: Mainly Explicit Album

Description: (Artists read these often, please use spellcheck and be insightful/creative :) )

SZA's long awaited new album was worth the wait. I am a huge fan of her work and this new project nothing short of everything I love about her music. Her overall flow, lyrics, beat and themes all deliver in a new and insightful way; but the album still has notes of her pervious work.

The entire album has a reoccuring theme of "SOS". This theme displays itself through small alert sounds (much like ones on a boat) sprinkled throughout the album. The first track on the album named "SOS" showcases this by opening with this sound accoupanied by SZA's soft singing. The album then continues on with "Kill Bill". This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. This song is about SZA quite literally killing her ex and his girlfriend. Although this song has a dark them, SZA expertly covers it with her soft vocals and catchy lyrics. Another track I really enjoyed was "Blind". This song comes a couple songs after "Kill Bill" and I adore this song. Like "CTRL" (SZA's previous album) the transitions throughout the album perfectly bleed into each other. "Blind" is a prefect example of this, as the song starts off from a perfect transition. SZA's signature flow is prevelent in this track especially as it makes the song so easy to listen to. The next song is "Smoking My Ex Pack". Although this track is short, it delivers with a new style I have never seen SZA try. It is a mix of 90's rap with a modern hip hop beat. I love the way SZA raps on this track and I hope to see more her in this style. My personal favorite track on the album ("Nobody Gets Me") is up next! This song perfectly showcases how SZA is able to write relatble and emotion lyrics. This song has themes of love and heartbreak all mixed into one song. I would highly recommend this track and hopefully SZA's signature style rubs off on you. The final song I liked was "Good Days". This song has been out for a while, but that is for a good reason...this song is great! It gives me a fairly-like girly vibe that is hard to repicate, but she does it so well! I am glad this is one of the title tracks on the album as it shows what SZA is all about, feel good R&B.

I would recommend this album to anyone. Whether you are just getting into SZA or have been a fan for years, this album has something for everyone. Obviously, I only reviewed a handfull of songs, but there is something good to say about every track. While I prefer "CTRL" over "SOS" I would highly recommend sitting down to give this one a listen.

Sounds Like:

  1. H.E.R.

  2. Jhené Aiko

  3. Kehlani

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Nobody Gets Me

  2. Kill Bill

  3. Blind

  4. Smoking My Ex Pack

  5. Good Days

Reviewer’s Name: Kyla McDole

Date of Review: 12/12/2022

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