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Sneaks, Highway Hypnosis

ALBUM: Highway Hypnosis

ARTIST: Sneaks

GENRE: #Alternative


LABEL: Merge Records

NON AIR-ABLE TRACKS: None, pretty sure

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 6.58.24 PM


Highway Hypnosis is an album compiled of thirteen songs. I personally give this album three out of five stars. This album is definitely not for everyone. A lot of the songs on the album had weird noises incorporated into them, but the noises went with the beats so it was kind of mesmerizing. The album is definitely out there, and weird but I could not stop listening to it. The song Highway Hypnosis, currently has less than two thousand views on youtube so they are still pretty underground. I only know the number of views because I went to the comment section to see if anyone else thought they were being put into a demonic trance. A lot of the songs on the album definitely gave me anxiety.

I really liked the songs: And We’re Off, and The Way it Goes. The vocalist doesn’t really know how to sing so she does this half singing, half talking thing and I kind of dig it. She sounds like she belongs in a 90’s wanna be grunge band. Also I listened to some of their other songs that are not on the album and they are actually pretty decent. Definitely recommend listening to them in some artsy hipster cafe downtown while studying.

Sounds like:

If M.I.A, bad Lo-Fi, and the Cranberries had a baby who didn’t know how to sing.

Recommended tracks:

  1. M.I.A, Bad Girls

    2. ESG, Dance

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