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Slave to the Grave – Alastor

Album: Slave to the Grave

Artist: Alastor

Genre: #Metal

Sub-Genres: #DoomRock

Label: RidingEasy Records

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Alastor’s “Slave to the Grave” is a psychedelic doom metal album that I think newcomers to the metal scene will enjoy. The guitars are fuzzy but that adds to the ambiance of the music. Meanwhile, the drums keep a steady tempo in each song to nod your head along to. Dharma Geddon’s clean vocals summon your attention as they stand out against the rather slow and low tones of the guitars and bass. The lyrics bring forth dark, occult imagery. For example, “Drawn to the Abyss” depicts the scene of Lucifer “(opening) wide the gates of Hell,” while his worshipers are “Baptized by the fire and reborn again.” While most of the songs aren’t complex and are quite repetitive in nature, it doesn’t feel as boring as they could be. “Your Lives Are Worthless” needed more vocals, as that song seemed to drag on in the end.

However, “Drawn the Abyss” has an entertaining guitar solo that shreds at the tail end. Even when things do slow down to a crawl, specifically on “N.W 588”, it presents a stark contrast to earlier tempos. This presents a rather dramatic shift in the song that will make you want to listen to more. Overall, this album is good for newcomers but could use a little more flare. I think with more complex solos this could’ve been an amazing album.

Sounds Like: Electric Wizard, Salem’s Pot, Windhand

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. “Drawn to the Abyss” (****) – Imagery and vocals are strong and guitar solo picks up at the 5:05 mark

  2. “N.W 588” (****) – The change in tempo makes you want to listen to more. Vocals and guitar are fun at the start of the song.

Reviewer’s Name: Alli Gilbreath

Date of Review: November 14, 2018

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