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Single Review: Elephant in the Room – Mick Jenkins

Artist: Mick Jenkins

Genre: #Rap, #HipHop

Sub-Genres: #Acidrap

Label: FreeNation / Cinematic Music Group


Mick Jenkins has an album coming out. That should not come as an alarm to any as we have seen multiple releases from the emcee himself recently with the release of “Elephant in the Room”, as well as the “Understood” Kaytranada produced joint that followed the former, and countless others following his first album The Healing Component released in 2016. What we have with “Elephant in the Room” acts as an addressing to many who claim to fame or have yet to and want to make a splash in the rap scene.

With “Elephant in the Room”, we see a common denominator that remains among all of Mick Jenkins work as of late; eloquence and grace with the written word. With a background in creative writing and law, the writing speaks for itself on where Mick Jenkins has been in his life past and presently speaking, and where he is heading in the future. “A bit more eloquent / A better temperament / A different thermostat” are just some of the bars that we hear accompanied to hard hitting drums and eerie ringing continuing throughout a changing unconventional beat that works for the lyrics in question.

Two minutes and nineteen seconds offered in the form of a visually striking music video that highlights the words and phrases in use, and how they reflect in the song, and literally how Mick Jenkins is painstakingly painting to the listener a reminder that his art is one to be carefully messed with. Check this one out down below, and keep an eye out for the new album coming soon, Pieces of a Man, from Cinematic Music Group and FreeNation.

**Check it out here:**

Sounds Like: Rejje Snow, Saba

Reviewer’s Name: Maximilian Serventi

Date of Review: 10/16/2018

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