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Single "Guilty" - Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Album: Guilty

Artist: Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg

Genre: #HipHop #Rap

Sub-Genres: #Soul #RandB

Label: TStreetz Corp/Groundwerk

Description: Even though Sevyn Streeter hasn't released a full length album in four years, her single "Guilty" makes up for lost time. Recruiting her friends Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg, these three put together a track that will make you second guess whether having a long term relationship is worth it. Streeter brings the sexiness, Brown brings the sleekness and Ferg brings the savage.

We have to start with Streeter, who's voice is that of a goddess and so beautiful you'll be lost in the sound forever. She sings right to you, tempting you to forget your relationship and follow her. Streeter's sexy lyrics will want you having more, but don't tell anyone. Streeter is hoping two wrongs will make a right, but she's not sure yet.

Chris Brown jumps in after Streeter lays the groundwork, blending his voice perfectly with Streeter. Brown delivers a soulful plea for the affair to continue, even if he has to pretend he's going away on "business." His sleek tones glide so perfectly it is hard to argue with him. Then, Brown and Streeter hit notes together so powerful and passionate it'll throw your head back in amazement.

A$AP Ferg rounds out the song, dropping notes of jealousy as he sees his former love interest with someone else. Ferg quickly reverses his fortunes though, as he raves about his new girl. He hammers home the point that nobody else can compare to her, and that she might even be as savage as he is. Those are strong words coming from A$AP Ferg.

This is without a doubt the sexiest song of 2021 so far. A must download track that can be added to any playlist and is perfect for late night cruises going anywhere.

Sounds Like:

  1. Brandy

  2. Trey Songz

  3. Ty Dolla $ign

Reviewer’s Name: Sean Fagan

Date of Review: 3/8/2021

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