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“Shiver/ Fireflies”- Single by Marley Carol

Album: Shiver/ Fireflies- Single

Artist: Marley Carroll

Genre: #RPM #EDM

Sub Genres: #House, #Electronic

Label: Loci Records

Non-Airable tracks: None


This single by Marley Carroll features two songs: Shiver, and Firefly. The whole single is only 10 minutes in length. There are no vocals in either song. Each song is very dreamy and ambient. Both tracks are very chill and mellow, but still contain hard pulsating house beats. The song Fireflies is more fast paced and has more techno beats; where as the song Shiver has more of a slower tempo, and contains quirky Lo-Fi noises.

I personally like this single, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. Yes, both songs were nice to listen to, but I probably won’t be downloading them onto my personal playlist. I recommend listening to these songs when you are studying, or reading since these are very chill and mellow tracks.

Sounds like: Edamame, and Nym

Recommended tracks:

  1. “Mango Pulp” Edamame (feat. Ian Ewing) if you liked Fireflies

  2. “The Unwatched Bird” Nym, if you liked Shiver.

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