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San Panino – Knuckle Pups

Album: San Panino

Artist: Knuckle Pups

Genre: #Alt

Sub-Genres: #IndiePop, #AltPop

Label: Wild Baby Records

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Firstly, I love the name of the artist: Knuckle Pups. They are a band from Denver, Colorado. There are 4 songs in the album beginning with “Last Whim,” which has a very Renaissance feel. Continuing on, “New Reckless” and “Bottom Baby” have a very easy yet upbeat vibe going. Finally, “Wealthy Diner” slows down the pace of the rest of the songs, completing the album. Even though there were only 4 songs, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the album!

Sounds Like: The Fray

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Track 2: “New Reckless” — This is the song that plays where you are watching a local concert with your crush and your hands slowly move towards the other’s

  2. Track 3: “Bottom Baby” — And this song is for the campfires!

Reviewer’s Name: Joann Kohng

Date of Review: 2/24/19

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