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Ross Henry – “Places People” Review

Album: Places People

Artist: Ross Henry

Genre: #RPM

Sub-Genres: #IDM, #experimental, #ambient

Label: Irene Feleo

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE

Description: When most people think about electronic music, they probably picture a DJ laying down some hardcore beats atop of an overwhelming bass line. While this is the most popular sound, there is a sub-genere of dance music called intelligent dance music (IDM) that focuses more on calming people down instead of getting them to dance. Some of the most successful IDM producers include the GRAMMY Award winner, Aphex Twin, as well as The Orb. Now, Australian producer, Ross Henry, takes a crack at the IDM sound with “Places People.”

The song opens with Henry wishing to be free from earthly woes, like death and pain. Henry then goes on to elaborate on the sensation of being free, but, unfortunately, it becomes difficult to understand the lyrics as his vocals turn to a mumble at some points in the verses. This is best demonstrated in the bridge of the song, as the minimalist music overpowers the vocals from the intro. Speaking of the music, the synthesizers do help create the breezy, warm ambience; but the thin layers makes it feel like there is something missing from the track. Despite a few breaks, the song seems very monotonous, and the music seems a bit too simple, which can make the track get tiring fairly quickly.

Overall, “Places People” shows Ross Henry’s potential to make beautiful songs, although there are a few missteps that could be worked out in the future.


Sounds Like: MTMBO, Horidark

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Places People

Reviewer’s Name: Nick Ramos

Date of Review: 4/10/2019

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