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Ritt Momney and Dayglow at the Rialto Theatre, October 10th

Lineup: Ritt Momney, Dayglow

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Venue: Rialto Theatre

Date: October 10th

Description: The opener of this show was a group called Ritt Momney. The lead singer of this group had some of the most expansive vocal range I've heard in a live performance. Their 3-piece, composed of the lead singer (who played guitar and piano on some songs) along with a guitarist and drummer (with a drum pad), played six incredible songs. "Put your Records On" and "Headstart" were emotionally-moving, and while I suggest you listen ASAP on Spotify to these songs I must also admit that the recordings don't do them justice. See Ritt Momney if you can, I swear you won't regret it.

Dayglow isn't a band that I had heard much music from prior to their show on the day, but believe me after listening to their performance I added several of their songs to my playlist of Real Bangers (a prestigious place). I will say that I arrived late and left early, it was one of those nights for me, but I caught 45 minutes of Dayglow's show and it was one of the more visually-captivating I've seen. The group was fashionable and took to the stage with utmost confidence. The lead singer danced hypnotically, using what room he had to go between singing in the center and occasionally joining in on a synthesizer. The light show, playing on a screen behind them, was mesmerizing. The shifting colors and patterns spilled light onto the crowd, which reveled in the mix of electronic and analog music in front of them. This crowd seemed quite young, high school and college-aged, and the singer assured us the show was sold out. His pleasant demeanor and articulate manner sold Dayglow to me as a group worth watching, the undeniable urge to dance to their music (I am not a dancer) cemented them as a band worth listening to.

Reviewer Name: Dorian Bradley Chase

Date of Review: 11/8/22

Rating: 4 out of 5

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