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Parties are For Losers S1 means good things to come

EP: Parties Are for Losers. Season 1

Artist: Ferry

Genre: #Rock

Label: N/A

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

Ferry's first EP comes out swinging with a solid 6-song tracklist containing the first works in the Parties Are for Losers (PAFL) series, displaying their early work in building up the story and building up their skills in their iconic electronic rock sound mixed with Vocaloid singing. PAFL gained the majority of its following on YouTube through its unique story-based music videos. Viewers were drawn in by the narrative music, telling the story through character-focused songs of a east European city bordered by The Zone, a strange area caused by a catastrophic event where reality works a bit differently.

Overall, I found Season 1 to be a bop of an album. The EP starts off strong with the title track Parties are For Losers, an up-tempo electronic beat about a self-proclaimed loser with no direction in life, and keeps the energy up through FALSE DISPOSITION and Punch It, Punk! The tracks begin to mellow out in the back half of the EP, starting with KT's Official Guide to Coolness and continuing through to the ending instrumental and calmest track i ate my twin in the womb.

Ferry's style of production uses aggressive synths and electronica, as well as a heavy repetition of melodies throughout their works both in single songs and to tie related works together. This leads to even their slower songs maintaining a level of intensity that might not be for everyone, especially when you add in the Virtual Singer vocals--as a fan of this style of work I think that they mesh well with the electronic beat, but synthetic vocals can definitely be an acquired taste for some (and hard to understand on occasion: the software wasn't designed with English vocals in mind).

That being said, if you're a fan of electronic rock and looking for something new, I'd definitely give Season 1 a listen. Ferry's more experimental tracks are especially good--THE MILL has a pretty unique sound compared to the rest of the EP, and it's one of my favorite songs by them to date.

Sounds Like:

  1. Ghost and Pals

  2. Crusher-P

  3. Dasu

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​THE MILL

  2. Punch It, Punk!


Reviewer’s Name: Vio Stavropoulos

Date of Review: 12/7/2021

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