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"Paranoia" : Maggie Lindemann

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Album: Paranoia

Artist: Maggie Lindemann

Sub-Genres: #powerpop

Label: swixxzaudio

Non-Airable Tracks: GASLIGHT! , Scissorhands, Different

Description: Coming in with a full sound and powerful vocals, Maggie Lindemann makes her way into the Alternative scene with her debut EP Paranoia. The EP Begins with songs such as “Knife Under My Pillow” and “Scissorhands” that feature heavy guitar riffs and full drum beats that encapsulate the feeling of having been betrayed and the turmoil that comes with it.

In “Knife Under My Pillow'', Lindemann opens the storyline of the EP by introducing the concept of paranoia, especially towards the possibility of someone breaking into her house. This message then translates into the other songs on the EP that seem to reflect on a past relationship that still has a hold on Lindemann. Her lyrics hold deep meaning without hiding behind idiomatic expressions, with simple but powerful lyrics such as “I don’t need permission to be sad” and “don't need no witness to have my back”.​ As the EP progresses, she shows various sides of her musical ability, with some songs being loud and emotional whilst others are acoustic and more literal. She radiates powerful feminine energy that is present in female led 2010 alternative music like Paramore and PVRIS. If you are looking for an EP to dance to in your room after finally breaking up with your subpar boyfriend, Paranoia is the EP for you.

Sounds Like:

  1. Paramore

  2. PVRIS

  3. CrazyEightyEight

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Knife Under My Pillow

  2. Crash and Burn

  3. It’s Not Your Fault

Reviewer’s Name: Sophie Louis (milktoastgirl)

Date of Review: 2/5/2021

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