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Over-Rated Coastal Carolina

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I cannot believe I am the first one that has to say this but it has to be said because it’s been on my mind for about a month now. Coastal Carolina is NOT GOOD AT FOOTBALL. Yes, they’re 7-0, yes they be a rAnKeD team, they’re just ok. ALTHOUGH, THEY ARE NOT A TOP 15 TEAM IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. How has no one said anything about this!?

They are currently first in the Sun Belt East conference, yes, you heard me correctly, the Sun Belt conference. I guarantee you right now you cannot name three teams in the Sun Belt conference without looking it up. Exactly. I am well aware that they beat the time 21st ranked Louisiana in a walk-off field goal. I will give it to them they're overachieving. Very impressive but honestly who even is Louisiana and they have no business being ranked at all either.

Have all the fun you want now Coastal Carolina, it’s fun being ranked I know. But as soon as you win out for the rest of the season (as you should!) and probably get placed in a very good bow game, be ready for the end. It is going to be a slaughter in that stadium. A Slaughter. You will finally see what a real ranked team is like to play and how embarrassing it will be to lose 49 to 7 in the Cotton Bowl. Mark my words Chanticleers....

What even is a Chanticleer?

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