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Open Mike Eagle – Relatable (peak OME) Single Review

Single: Relatable (peak OME)

Artist: Open Mike Eagle

Genre: #HipHop

Label: AutoReverse

Description: Open Mike Eagle has released a new advance single, “Relatable (peak OME)”,  from upcoming album What Happens When I Try to Relax. Lyrically, Eagle is sharp as ever, taking listeners through the thought process of keeping up appearances amongst the myriad hats he wears as a rapper, comedian, family man, neighbor and human being. There are anxieties, clarities – stumbling blocks, successes. Nedarb Nagrom provides the platform with a beat that matches the emotional whiplash of the song. One moment, the synths dredge up a sense of unease. The next, Jordan Katz shows up with a comforting muted trumpet solo. “Relatable (peak OME)” acknowledges the weight of the struggles bearing down, but Eagle balances the dark and the light gracefully.

Sounds Like: Yoni Wolf, Serengeti

Reviewer’s Name: Nick Kivi

Date of Review: October 3rd, 2018

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