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✰ Oh, Glorious Day! ivri's New EP is Finally Here ✰

🕯 my prayers have been answered, hallelujah ! 🕊🕊


A little over one year ago, I joined KAMP Student Radio and began writing reviews. My second ever review, written November of 2022, was of a single by princess of lofi, ivri. This was my first introduction to ivri, and I have been a dedicated superfan ever since. In my initial review, I mentioned that her EP would be released May of 2023. Unfortunately for me, and all other ivri stans, the EP was pushed back until the 19th of October. Fortunately for you, the EP is incredible, and decidedly worth the wait. Eighteen epic minutes of pure lofi genius that blends genres like punk, folk, and pop. The instrumentals are so gorgeous and highlight ivri's delicate, beautiful voice. Without further ado, please enjoy the review and be sure to give the star factory a listen ! ʚ♡ɞ

EP: the star factory Artist: ivri Genre: #lofi #indie #altrock Sub-Genres: #genrebendingbrilliance #poppunk #alternative Label: ivsounds Non-Airable Tracks: none! Description:

The first song on the EP, "limbo" is one of my favorites for its lyrics and use of sound effects. ivri is somewhat of a master at blending both musical genres into her lofi songs, as well as sound effects that don't feel unnecessary, or out of place. With a very indie, shoegaze energy, the track kicks off the EP on the absolute best possible way. The lyrics are so poignant and striking, and explore the singer-songwriter's inner thinking and psychology. The melody remains sweet and soft, supported by techno-esque sound effects, all in the vein of lofi. What's four plus four? ATE!

The first single - and most popular track - off of the EP, "brainrot" is literally so good. After waiting months for the release of any music from ivri - much less the gift that is the star factory - "brainrot" absolutely exceeded my expectations. The guitar rhythm is so stunning and its brashness exudes early 2000s/late-90s energy, as well as perfectly contrasts ivri's sweet, soft voice. ivri experiments with juxtaposition of lofi and rock/punk in her newest EP, and it is especially evident on this track. The melody is so catchy, and I have had this song on my Spotify "On Repeat" playlist for weeks. I'm obsessed with the song's switch up midway through, from traditional indie lofi to more of a pop punk vibe. Highly recommend starting the EP with this track, but be warned, it may be an gateway song into the wonderful world of ivri.

I was so excited when "brainrot" was released, but "inversion" - the second single to be released off of the EP - is even better. I know, controversial. Obviously that is subjective, but from the lyrics to the tune to the blends of sound effects, I am absolutely enamored with this song. Another experiment in juxtaposition, the song's vibes completely switch midway through, possibly startling, yet delighting listeners. The guitar solo goes so hard, and mashes up perfectly with ivri's lofi energy. One may not think rock or punk would blend well with such a mellow genre of music such as lofi, yet ivri has proved time and time again that it can -- and masterfully. Kudos, queen. It is so very reminiscent of some early Slime Girls' songs, which I adore. Another ivri banger, and I'm obsessed.

The purest lofi song on the EP is definitely “owls eye“ which sets pretty lyrics against a classic lofi melody woven with wavy sound effects. With a simple beat, ivri's voice and lyrics are highlighted well. "I don't wanna lose you to the monsters in your closet," for example, is a line I have had stuck in my head for the past week since the EP's release. Furthemore, I especially loved the use of drums on this song, as they establish a rhythm but don't outshine ivri's soft, dainty vocals. Overall, the sounds blend together beautifully in a fresh, yet traditional-sounding lofi song. Perfect for autumn weather and vibes!

Blending folk and lofi, "depths of the earth" complete and round out the EP as the final track. With its gentle acoustic guitar, melody, and twinkling sound effects, it is definitely one of my favorite tracks of the EP. This song feels like a big hug from your mom. So warm and comforting. I wanna listen to this song on a cold December evening as I sip a hot chai or matcha latte. "I look at you and suddenly I miss home" ?? Are you kidding?

Overall, this EP contains some of my favorite ivri songs, as well as lofi songs in general. ivri is a star, she is going to keep shining and twinkling for as long as she can. I am willing to forgive her pushing back the release of the EP five months because the songs are so special! the star factory has cemented ivri's place not just in the lofi world, or the music industry, but in my heart. Shine on, superstar! Thank you for your work.

Sounds Like:

  1. Lofi Girl on Youtube

  2. Slime Girls

  3. beabadoobee

  4. Grimes

  5. Lake Rosseau

Recommended Tracks:

  1. limbo

  2. brainrot

  3. inversion

  4. dragonfly


  6. owls eye

  7. depths of the earth

thank you for reading 💗🧘‍♀️

Reviewer’s Name: Sophia Troetel Date of Review: October 24, 2023

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