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Nile – Long Shadows of Dread – Single Reivew

Album: Long Shadows of Dread (Single)

Artist: Nile

Genre: #Metal

Sub-Genres: #DeathMetal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


Nile is a band who have been around since the early 90s and who made a name for themselves as masters of technical and brutal death metal in the early 2000s, especially with their album In Their Darkened Shrines with prog and Egyptian music influences. More recently, the band has been a bit more restrained in what they have been adding into their metal and the same holds for this new single, “Long Shadows of Dread”. The main takeaway from the single is how atmospheric certain sections sound and how, with moderate success, Nile mixes brutality with background textures. That’s all there really is to the single other than the typical death aspects of speedy playing and Nile’s mystic flare so an album full of similar songs will be a bit boring. Ultimately, this new Nile single is good and shows promise for the full album but there will need to be more to the rest of the songs on the album to stand out.

Sounds Like: Nile, Ulcerate

Recommended Tracks: Long Shadows of Dread

Reviewer’s Name: Bryan

Date of Review: 9/25/19


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