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Narrow Head At The Nile

Show Lineup:

Openers: Dreamcast and Repression

Headliners: Sheer Mag and Narrow Head

Genre(s): Alt Metal, Shoegaze

Venue: The Nile Theater

Date: April 9th 2024


Last semester I was lucky enough to have seen Narrow Head at Club Congress and it was great. It in fact was great enough to make the drive up to Mesa to see them again!

I got to mesa early and checked out Main street and got a taco at a spot right next to the venue called Tacos Chiwas which was a cool spot. After hanging around for awhile, I got in line and was inside right after doors. I made it to the front and stayed there for the entire show which thankfully paid off for Narrow Head's set where I was directly in front of the lead for Narrow Head, Jacob Duarte. As soon as Narrow Head started playing, I knew that it had been worth the boring drive up from Tucson that I have been on for what feels like a thousand times. I knew every song they played and loved every second of their set!

Like I said before, I loved the show, however, I always have something to complain about. The only thing that the band left me wanting was an encore. After the set, they left the stage and didn't reappear. Unfortunate but understandable. I am not in a band so I don't know how influential the usual "one more song" chants actually are but the crowd for this show was not giving it much and it faded within a few seconds. I don't know about the whole crowd, but everyone surrounding me felt like highschoolers still developing their concert etiquette and so that was a small detriment to the night overall.

Since the show (two days prior to me writing this), I have been riding the high of the set and cannot get it out of my head. Narrow Head is certainly a band that has amazing recorded music that translates perfectly to live music with so much energy. I would never get tired of seeing them play and I really hope they come back to Tucson this year!

TLDR: Narrow Head rules and you should see them live!

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