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Nadir – Black Tongue Review

Album: Nadir

Artist: Black Tongue

Genre: #Metal

Sub-Genres: #BrutalDeathMetal

Label: Black Tongue

Non-Airable Tracks:

Release Date: October 31st, 2018


Formed of one half of Infant Annihilator and with the addition of three new members, Black Tongue is a death metal band hailing from the UK and Nadir is their second full length album. The brutality continues from 2015’s The Unconquerable Dark and, beyond that, there are some catchy melodies in these songs. “The Cathedral” in particular has a standout drop into the chorus and the rest of the album is never void of busy guitar work. Unfortunately, there is not much else going on here. Song after song, little variety comes up and, even then, it is usually back to same, brutal death metal. Moreover, Nadir is not very emotive; where The Unconquerable Dark had the ability to create anger from the music, Nadir does not. I would recommend this only to fans.

Final score: 6/10

Sounds Like: December Aeternalis, Infant Annihilator

Recommended tracks for radio play: The Cathedral

Reviewer: Bryan Burnett

Review Date: November 28th, 2018

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