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“Miss Muerte” by The Flesh Eaters Review

Album: Miss Muerte (single)

Artist: The Flesh Eaters

Label: Yep Roc Records

Non-airable tracks:  None

Description: I love the way this song begins: with a few measures of what sounds like a xylophone that is soon overtaken by a growling distortion guitar. The guitar is excellent throughout the track, from the rhythm during the verses to the solo at the end . The chorus is simple but fun, and the verses’ lyrics wittily explore topics like war and religion. It’s the sort of song that is equally suited to headbanging and dancing. I found the vocals a bit scratchy, and the two singers’ voices do not blend extremely well, which sounded a bit unpleasant at first, but its easy to get used to as the song progress since its fits the punk-rock style. Overall, its a banger.

Sounds like: The Pixies, The Weirdos

Reviewer’s Name: Ruby Fulford

Review Date: 11/22/18

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