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Michelle Blades-Visitor

Album: Visitor

Artist: Michelle Blades

Sub-Genres: #SynthPop

Label: Midnight Special Records

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


I prefer the sound of her vocals on tracks such as “Literally” and “Ring”, rather than the opening track “Politic!”. She has a very soft voice with nice vocal range. This is a good album to put on if you want to relax or maybe focus on work. “Ring” has a nice guitar solo in it that one can really get in the zone to. A lot of her songs have a chill head-bopping beat. Some songs are more traditional alternative, and some are a little more eccentric, like “Piri Piri.” I would recommend checking this album out because it is very relaxing and is very soothing for synth pop. The end of “Time and Water” gets very experimental, but I believe it to be successful. I feel like she would be a fun artist to see live in concert.

Sounds Like: Saint Vincent, the dove and the wolf, Regina Spektor

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Ring

  2. Time and Water

Reviewer’s Name: Caroline Eimer

Date of Review: 04/05/2019

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