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Metalachi Review and Show Hype

Artist: Metalachi

Album: Tres

Genre: #Metal

Sub-genres: #Mariachi

Label: Yarddart Entertainment LLC

This post will be mostly a review of the album Tres and also an encouragement for you to check out Metalachi when they come to town this upcoming Wednesday.

First of all let me say that heavy metal and mariachi together is a great concept and I am very glad that this combination exists. I have a little bit of experience with mariachi as I have played guitar in the university mariachi. I am also kind of a fan of metal so I would say I am pretty well equipped to analyze this album. This album Tres is a compilation of mariachi renditions of classic metal/rock tunes.

Let me start with the production. One thing that I LOVED about this album is how it retained such a beautiful classic mariachi sound. The mix was clearly well thought out; the layering is immense and each instrument gets across well. The armonia sounds very percussive and tight. The guitarron is played with great tone and it fits into the mix exactly where it should. The brass has also great tone and layers in well with the violins. The vocals are a mix of more traditional mariachi sound with some rocky rasp and growl. Overall the sound is fucking awesome if you like mariachi already or like rock.

Cover number one is Caught in a Mosh by Anthrax. The awesome part is that the song sounds almost like a standard son and then it breaks into the anthrax riffs. The violins and armonia work together to keep the momentum going and it is hype af not gonna lie. My favorite song of the album is the cover of Breaking the Law by Judas Priest. It starts off with some brass melodies that evoke scenes the old west. Then the rest of the instruments come in with the man riff and the hype is real. The violins and brass provide the accents and melodies for the original sound. The vocals are good and fit the vibe surprisingly well. The ‘breaking the law’ sound is very much there and somehow this rendition gets me just as amped to do crimes as the original. The violin takes over for the solo and it is damn good. The track ends with a traditional son ending which is a nice touch from which I got a good chuckle.

Other covers on this album include Thunderstruck, Bohemian Rhapsody, Separate Ways, Holy Diver, Santeria, and Welcome to the Jungle among others. All the covers are very well done and I liked pretty much every track on this album. I especially liked how the songs are not just direct covers of the originals but they are also not just traditional mariachi songs that happen to have the same chords as the covered songs. Each song is a great amalgamation of mariachi and the original work. If you are not familiar with mariachi music then this is a little hard to explain so I would recommend listening to the album to get a feel for it. If you are even the slightest fan of classic rock and metal then this is a great album to check out. If you are not a fan of metal but you like mariachi then I also think you will like this album.

The musicianship on the album is top notch. This is the band’s third album and I believe they played mariachi for a while before forming so all the band members clearly know what they are doing and it shows. The armonia is extremely tight with their rhythms and the violins and brass are clean with everything they play. Gritos are well used and augment the songs that they are in. While very technically proficient, this is not a sterile or robotic performance. The powerful, passionate, sound of more standard mariachi is kept in full. Check this album out ASAP if you like metal or mariachi, or just want a weird new band to listen to.

Metalachi have a show this Wednesday the 20th at 191 Toole. As I am not 21 I unfortunately can not attend which is very sad. From what I have heard, Metalachi’s show is part comedy and part music which is awesome considering the music they make. In addition, 191 Toole is a great venue for this style of show and I truly wish I could go. If you have the night free or have any possible way of calling out of work or canceling your plans, then do that and GO TO THIS SHOW.

Tickets available here – >

Metalachi’s Website – >

Date of Review: 11/15/19

Reviewer: Nate Smith

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