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meiyo: Question

Album: Question (single)

Artist: meiyo

Sub-Genres: #jpop


Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

meiyo's second single of 2021, Question, is a deceptively up-beat tune about struggling to find yourself while time marches on. It's a similar theme to some of his earlier works, most notably Nothing's Working Out, a more chaotic song about the same themes of frustration with yourself and life as a whole.

Question, by contrast to Nothing's Working Out's minor key and chaotic vocals, keeps a more traditional pop feel with its repetitive melodies and faster music. Overall the choice of instrumentation--mainly electric guitars with a steady drum beat as backing--works in the song's favor and, along with meiyo's vocals, lays the foundations for a solid hit. That's actually how I would describe Question in a word: solid. Perhaps not the most groundbreaking or eye-opening of songs, but music doesn't always need to reinvent the wheel to be a good listen. It's a good addition to meiyo's discography, I enjoyed the song, and if you're looking for a strong pop-style track, I'd recommend it.

Sounds Like:

  1. syudou

  2. Yuu Miyashita

  3. MAISONdes

Reviewer’s Name: Vio Stavropoulos

Date of Review: 12/17/2021

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