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"Mad Addictions" by six:42

Single: Mad Addictions

Artist: six:42

Sub-Genres: #grunge #softrock

Description: This all female band consisting of five members gained a lot of popularity from a viral video on tiktok. This was before they got the chance to release any music, but they quickly came out with their first single, "pluto" in 2020. This song gives me soft rock vibes with light vocals and a softer melody and slower pace. They have since changed up their sound with their recent single "Mad Addictions". The guitar in this song has left me feeling mad addicted to this band. The lease singer's vocals can be described as grungy and give an extra edge and bite to the lyrics that are somewhat bitter and angry. This change in pace shows the versatility of the group.

After following them on social media including both tiktok and instagram, they have a great fanbase who followed them from their first viral video. Their media outreach and teasers for their music are extremely enticing and make you extremely excited for upcoming projects.

Even in their cover art, we can see the girls have created a unique brand for themselves. I think what makes this girl band so great is the apparent compilation of such different personalities and styles which is definitely reflected in their music.

Sounds Like:

  1. Current Joys

  2. Sir Chloe

  3. Michele Leigh


Reviewer’s Name: Alyssa Ruiz

Date of Review: 05/05/2021

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