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Loud Epic Emo Music was really epic

Show Lineup: Sydney Sprague, Hunny, Summer Salt, Mom Jeans.

Genre(s): alternative, rock, emo

Venue: The Rialto Theater, Tucson, AZ

Date: 03/03/2024

Description: That concert was everything I dreamed it would be. Right from the back of the line I was already having a good time, making friends and finding community with the people around me. I actually established a bit of a friend group for that concert and every time we saw each other in the pit, it was all love. That place was also really packed, which I didn't expect for a show that Mom Jeans. was headlining. Maybe I underestimated how popular MJ really was. Either way, the music was loud and epic, and every band sounded so different. Sydney Sprague was noteworthy to me, because not only are they a local AZ band (from Phoenix), but she's also the only other emo artist there besides Mom Jeans.! Her set was so good, so emotional and melodic, I had to buy some merch. It was THAT good.

The other bands were good too, just not my favorite. While Sydney Sprague was more Midwest Emo, Hunny leaned heavily into pop punk and was more reminiscent of 2000's emo-pop. I don't even think Summer Salt was emo, they called themselves coral rock, and nothing could describe them better. It felt like lo-fi surf rock and I did enjoy it.

But Mom Jeans. MOM JEANS.!!! Let me explain to you how epic Mom Jeans. was. The first 3 bands there was no pit. As soon as Mom Jeans. came on, the biggest pit formed, and that pit was so strong I was literally whisked away. I actually had to take a break from the pit for most of the set because I got winded after the first few songs. I had a blast though, and you could tell everyone else did too. I also met some of the members of Mom Jeans. before and after the show, getting them to sign a poster, and was able to talk to one of them for a considerable amount of time.

All in all, I'm gonna give this show a 9.9/10. What would have made this show better was if I personally didn't almost die in the pit, and if I got an autograph from all the members (I missed one :'( ). But this was an amazing show for the first time I've seen MJ, and I hope they come back again!

Reviewer Name: Azrael Andersen

Date of Review: 03/22/2024

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