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Jorja Smith - Lost and Found

Album: Lost and Found Artist: Jorja Smith Genre#HipHop Sub-Genres: #RandB #Soul Label: FAMM Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Jorja Smith’s rise began with Drake’s album More Life where she had a feature on “Jorja Interlude”. Since then she has come out with various singles, along with the popular remix, “On My Mind” by Jorja Smith X Preditah. Lost and Found is her first studio album.

Let me just begin by saying this album is amazing on all levels. Jorja’s voice is absolutely beautiful, she can transition to high notes easily and her voice has a gentle quality to it. The musicality is really good as well. For the most part, the album sounds stripped, but the guitar chords are funky and the rhythms on the drum keep the album interesting. “Blue Lights” also features some interesting synth. Lastly, the lyrics are really relatable and deal a lot with self-reflection, growing up, and uncertainty. Although the album kind gets a little slow at parts, I could listen to this album all the way through day after day (and I have). Some more abstract details: the first song of the album, “Lost and Found” talks about how she realizes that the person she is in a relationship with wants none of the things she does. Later in the album, track 6, “The One” talks about how she wants to be an independent woman forever (which I am in complete support of, go you girl!). Overall, the whole album makes you want to do karaoke (maybe in a dark bar with a spotlight for the right ambiance). Listening to this album it feels like you are reading Jorja Smith’s diary, but you realize that you have the same problems/desires that she does. It’s pretty incredible. Sounds Like: Daniel Caesar, Sabrina Claudio, Kali Uchis

Recommended Tracks: 1. 3- Where Did I Go?- catchy chorus, good reflective quality 3:12 2. 8- Blue Lights- not so hidden political message, funky tone 4:10 Reviewer’s Name: Grace Penry

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