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Loft Cinema Film Fest Movie Review: Propriedade

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Directed By: Daniel Bandeira

Streaming Service: N/A but it can be seen in the Loft Cinema on Thursday, October 19th at 4:30

Release Date: N/A

Rating: Unrated (I would give it a soft R)

Description: A thriller about the bitter struggle between the wife of a boss and his employees. A very gripping tale about class consciousness and morality.

Reviewer Name: Lamley Andrews

Date of Review: 10-15-23

This review is of one movie of the many movies being showcased at the Tucson Loft Cinema Film Fest which is going from October 11th to October 19th. If you would like to see these films for yourself (which I think you totally should) you can purchase tickets at:

Everyone involved has worked really hard to put this event together, so your support is greatly appreciated.

I am an avid lover of movies. If I’m not watching a movie, I’m thinking about movies. If I’m not thinking about movies, I’m asleep. When I heard that there was a film festival going on near campus I knew I had to go. My only regret is that I was not able to go to any other showings sooner. Propriedade being my first impression of both the Loft Cinema and of the film festival was a remarkable moment. The Loft Cinema is quaint and very intimate. There is a small lobby and a handful of viewing rooms. Despite its humble appearance, it has great charm. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the interior design has an edgy yet retro vibe.

Prior to the film, there was a brief yet energizing opener from the event coordinator of the film festival. The lights fell, and the movie began.To summarize, this movie follows a woman named Terresa. This woman is married to a man with a non-descript job however, whatever it is, it earns him a lot of enemies. Following an incident where she was held at gun point, she sinks into a reclusive state. In an attempt to coax her out of her shell, her husband whisks her away to their private villa in a state of the art armored vehicle. This relaxing getaway becomes a deep interpersonal struggle between herself and the employees of her husband.

This movie quite literally put me at the edge of my seat. The conflict is both subtle and overt, yet it leaves you with an aching feeling of “was anyone right?” This movie is a brilliant commentary on class divide, poverty, intentions, and obligations towards one’s peers. This movie is a brilliant example of what Squid Games failed to do. It shows the real brutality of labor and poverty without washing it out in favor of spectacle. The conflict and violence was very grounded in reality. It did not fall victim to the “last survivor” trope of movies and shows with similar concepts. There is nothing fantastical or action packed about the various scenes in this movie. Many of the depictions of violence cause a deep ache within the viewer because the brutality lies not within the actions itself but, rather the human emotions connected to it. I really recommend this movie to those who hate their jobs but – like us all – are forced to work. The movie is not cathartic in its punishment to the various characters but rather a reflection of our real world.

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