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Listening to D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L: Seeing Panchiko LIVE at the Lodge in Los Angeles

Opener: They Are Gutting a Body of Water

Headliner: Panchiko

Genre (They Are Gutting a Body of Water): #indiepunk #americanshoegaze #dreamo #lofi

Genre (Panchiko): #shoegaze #diyemo #indierock #alt

Back in March of 2022, I had never thought I would be able to attend this show, and then it ended up being one of the best performances I had seen. I had just been introduced to Panchiko through mutuals that I knew in real life (IRL) the year before and had no clue that they were going to be doing a tour. That was until I started following a band named 'julie' that same month. After they made a post that they would be opening for Panchiko on tour, I searched for tickets immediately. When I saw that they were selling tickets for 25$, I sprang up in glee. The plan had now been made; meet my friends for a night of fun live music.

The night started off with a wonderful dinner with my friends, Darian and Amanda. From there, we headed to the venue, which was quite cozy. Before they performed, there was a great opener, in the form of the indie punk band, They Are Gutting a Body of Water. Despite not knowing much of their discography beforehand, I really enjoyed the sound. It was quite harsh but very exciting and energetic. It was the kind of music that made you want to get up and shake around violently. I especially liked the psycho, break-beat transitions that they utilized between each song. As for Panchiko, they had an electric performance. Each song was a warm, enchanting assembly of sounds, occasionally broken by an odd digital sound effect. The band themselves were also very inviting and caring of their audience. Being in the audience while they spoke to us felt like seeing relatives for the first time after a long time of being apart. There was even a proposal (don't worry, they didn't say no). In summary, it was awesome sauce.

I didn't know many of the songs by They Are Gutting a Body of Water, but they had this one that made everyone, including myself, go crazy. I really enjoyed that one. During Panchiko's set though, my favorite song that they performed was definitely D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L. It sounds as beautiful live as it does on personal headphones.

Sounds like:




Written by: Carlos Montes

Publishing date: 11/26/22

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