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“Letter to Arizona”by TevyTev Review

Album: Letter to Arizona (Single)

Artist: TevyTev

Genre: #Hiphop

Sub-genre: #RandB, #Soul

Label: Nutown Records

Non-airable tracks: This track is not airable


After listening to this song, I was honestly shocked that it had so few plays on Spotify. It is very well produced and very fun to listen to. The intro pulls the listener in with a quiet, catchy instrumentation that is reminiscent of classic soul and then builds through the verses with the addition of vocals and drums before become slower and smoother for the chorus. TevyTev’s vocals are very sleek and enjoyable, and the lyrics tell a story that encourages the listener to stay engaged. The ending gets a bit repetitive, which can be boring, but also serves to make the song more memorable. Overall, this artist has a ton of potential and I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.

Sounds like: Jack Schwartz, Emhad

Reviewer’s Name: Ruby Fulford

Review Date: 12/3/18

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