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Leaving FSU out was Not a Sub

There is a lot of debate going on, on Twitter(X) and any platform where College Football can be discussed about the recent rankings determining the Playoffs and the following rankings.

Some may have been contemplating through the night, it was some serious stuff after the slate of Conference Championship games were decided. (RIP PAC-12) So naturally there was going to be a lot of conversations about the dilemma the committee was going to have to face today.

After half an hour of the posted time passed the first one team came up, Michigan, it was expected but after the second team was announced, Washington, it was our raid fire chaos.

Texas was announced, which could have been considered a surprise at #3 definitely surprised me, and following up was #5 Georgia which set the world on fire in Athens Probably. I thought it was great because then you know there won't be two SEC teams but for a minute and a half I was on the edge of my seat refreshing my the CFP feed.

The fourth popped up and it was Alabama. It did not bother me that much but Florida State fans are ready to burn the committee building down which is understandable but I also didn't think it was very unexpected. Following Jordan Hunter's injury Florida State has not looked the same and it was visible the last two games when they played against University of Florida, and Louisville.

I also understand the argument that they should have been in because Alabama has looked bad, and Florida State did go unbeaten in the in a Power 5 conference. It was a great year for Florida State but I still don't think they should have been in over Alabama or Texas for that matter.

Alabama should be in because even though they lost early to a Texas team, that showed out against Oklahoma St. on Saturday, Alabama had the same amount of ranked wins and beat #1 Georgia who although it could be said started slow regained their form in a big way. Apart from that they both beat LSU, and the same way everyone is considering the the Auburn game for Alabama you also have to consider the Boston College game for Florida State .

Unfortunately for Florida State their star player got hurt and it makes sense to not be as good without Jordan Travis, but when the quality of play is so visible it can't be overlooked and they had to be left out or they would get crushed. The best four teams at the end of the season got in and I think it'll be reflected by in the Rose and Sugar bowl.

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